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Branden and I truly believe there is a distinct difference between taking a photograph and capturing moments that form ones legacy. When you take time to think about it, once a moment is gone, all that’s left is what we manage to record in still photography. Sure, a day or two later you think it is something that will never be forgotten. However, as days turn to weeks and then to months that “never gonna forget moment” fades. We want to keep those moments vivid by providing artful recall of your life. Whether it’s your daughter’s special day, the oh-so sweet way your first born tilts his head when you call his name or the dynamic way you and your significant other interact, we want to provide you with that moment for years to come. In the age of digital photos, you can literally display images that tell the entire story of your life. How well your story will read depends largely upon who tells the story for you……. we are waiting to start your next chapter.

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Branden and Missy Coleman founded IronGate Images as a phtography company with a desire to not just capture memories, but to create true creative works of art. Both have worked together for over ten years and through IronGate have turned their life-long passions of photography into a profession. Both have a unique ability to see people and places with a creative eye transforming what may have been ordinary into something truly special.